Arthur’s Garden by Pam Rhodes (Published by Lion Hudson)

Midas PR’s campaign sees Arthur’s Garden enter Amazon’s top 100 British Poetry chart

Our Client

Lion Hudson is committed to publishing quality literature, worldwide, which is true to the Christian faith. They publish books for adults and children under five different imprints. Lion Books, Lion Children’s Books, and Lion Fiction take accessible books that reflect a Christian worldview to a general audience while Candle Books and Monarch Books support Christian families, individuals and communities in their devotional and spiritual lives. Lion Hudson’s books sell around the world and are translated into over 200 languages. International co-edition publishing is a particular strength with more than half our sales made in export markets.

What they wanted us to do

Lion Hudson hired Midas PR to run a 3-month campaign to secure national press across print, digital and broadcast for the publication of the book on the 19th April 2019.

Midas were assigned to secure reviews, interviews and features in newspapers, lifestyle, mature, country, gardening and faith interest press to drive book sales and build on Pam Rhodes’ status as a much-loved broadcaster and author.

How we did it

Midas generated targeted publicity for the book across print, online and broadcast media over 3 months. Midas worked closely with the Lion Hudson marketing team, sending weekly updates detailing the latest conversations with press and supporting their sales efforts. Midas pitched interviews, features, reviews and book roundups to national press and magazines, lifestyle, country, mature, and faith outlets, and underwent a regional campaign approaching media in areas relevant to Pam and the book.

What we achieved for them

Midas secured 7 pieces of print coverage, 9 radio interviews and 1 speaking event at Tonbridge Library which sold 25 tickets.

Media pick up was the strongest in print magazines and radio stations, with 7 key mature magazines covering the book. Let’s Talk magazine called Arthur’s Garden a “charming new book” in their in-depth interview, Yours magazine named it a “Star Read” in their round-up of Spring reads for 2019, and My Weekly ran the book in their “We’re reading” pick of the week, calling it “blooming marvellous.” BBC Radio York called the book “exquisite” and Pam relayed: “She [the interviewer] was so thrilled, I hardly got a word in edgeways for the first couple of minutes because she was so enthusiastic about it!”









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