The Younglings by Helena Craggs

Midas delivers a highly engaging social media & digital marketing campaign for debut YA author, Helena Craggs

The Brief

Midas was hired by Helena Craggs to create buzz and excitement for her debut The Younglings: Shadows & Magic (paperback and audiobook), and help reach her target YA audience across her social media channels.

We devised and implemented a bold, engaging social media strategy for both organic and paid content, to help boost Helena’s profile, drive book sales and grow her following and online community ahead of the second book being published.

The Work

One of the main challenges was engaging audiences with a book that had already been published in September 2021. Without having a launch date to build on, Midas developed a digital campaign to position Helena as an exciting new debut YA author, maximising Helena’s existing content – testimonials and reviews – and repositioned these to drive wider interest in the book.

Our digital strategy focused on implementing consistent content across three months to help maximise engagement and grow Helena’s online following and presence in the leadup to the publication of The Younglings’ sequel.

Midas managed Helena’s social platforms – Twitter, Instagram and Facebook – by drafting and activating content scripts that included a variety of organic content such as interaction with followers (daily engagement), sharing positive reviews, hosting giveaways and also reaching out to notable influencers on TikTok – where  there is a popular community of YA booktokers.

In addition to organic content, Midas also supported and consulted on paid content such as boosting posts on Twitter and Facebook that were performing well and generating high impressions. We also launched several paid-for ads on Amazon UK and USA, to help encourage sales and increase discoverability of Helena’s book and audiobook.

The Results

Midas generated a total reach of 257.1K impressions on Twitter, with an engagement rate of 6.1%, exceeding the average benchmark of 3-6%.

Our activity saw a total growth of 885 new followers on Helena’s Twitter, contributing to a 39.8% uplift in visits and 13.1% uplift in profile impressions.

On Instagram, Helena’s profile has reached 120% more accounts and engaged 161% more accounts compared to December 2021. And on Facebook, Helena’s author page has seen a 6.1% uplift in reach since last month and 100% overall uplift in paid reach to 17.6K impressions.

In terms of paid activity, the UK Amazon advert generated 3 book sales and 10 KENP reads in one week alone.

What was great is that the advert is helped drive more sales compared to the ad spend, ensuring that Helena made a profit from the advert. The US Amazon ad in comparison helped generate 21 KENP reads in one week and 2 book sales for the month.

Our promoted content of the Audible release generated 15.7K impressions and a total of 388 engagements, resulting in The Younglings appearing in 3 bestselling lists on Audible.

Midas also helped secure four high-profile TikTok influencers, with a combined total reach of 382.4K. This enables Helena to reach the target audience of YA fiction readers and book buyers and raise awareness of The Younglings and Helena as a YA fiction author.