The 100 Trillion Dollar Wealth Transfer by Ken Costa (Digital Campaign)

Midas delivers an impactful digital campaign for The 100 Trillion Dollar Wealth Transfer, raising the profile of Ken Costa in the online book and finance communities.


The Brief

Midas was tasked with creating an impactful digital campaign to position investment banker, thought leader, and philanthropist Ken Costa as a leading non-fiction author and business/finance influencer, who can bridge the gap between Boomers and Gen Z/Millennials. Our objectives were to deliver a bold, engaging, and targeted campaign across multiple digital platforms for The 100 Trillion Dollar Wealth Transfer, published by Bloomsbury Continuum on 28 September (UK) and 30 January (US), increasing Ken’s online reach and engagement, and helping to generate buzz and drive book sales.


The Work

Following a kick-off meeting with Ken, Midas audited his website and social media profiles, analysing the types of content that were performing well and where there was opportunity for improvement, as well as auditing similar voices in the field to help develop an overall strategy. Working closely with the Bloomsbury team was also necessary to ensure we were aligning our work with their wider marketing and digital strategy.

We sourced a web designer and managed the creation and maintenance of Ken’s new website (www.kencosta.com). This rebrand helped to shift the spotlight from Ken’s non-secular work to position him firmly as an author and financial expert. We also designed, drafted, and sent out multiple newsletters via Mailchimp to Ken’s mailing lists of over 1000 recipients, promoting the book and the virtual UK launch event.

We engaged a wide range of UK & US influencers across social media platforms to increase awareness about the book and establish Ken as an authority on the Great Wealth Transfer. We invited financial influencers to a lunch with Ken at Langan’s, London in July, which resulted in a brilliant podcast interview with Millennial Money UK and a series of collaborative posts on Instagram. Through this activity, we were able to establish an online presence for Ken in the financial/business/entrepreneur/author sectors.

Through our organic social media content, we positioned Ken as the bridge between his generation and the next on key subjects such as work-life balance, mentorship, the housing crisis, socially energised capitalism, CO, and hindsight-insight-foresight. We developed promotional content around the book in the lead up to, during, and following publication to drive engagement and raise Ken’s profile with the Gen Z/Millennial demographic, in particular. This included branded static assets and GIFs, video content (for UK & US markets), press coverage, influencer mentions, and in-person/virtual event coverage. We filmed and edited 15 videos with Ken at his home as part of our #FinancialFriday series, which we created to strengthen Ken’s voice in the financial/business/entrepreneur online communities.

We also shared several posts directly from Ken – holidays, family events, works trips in Saudi & US, personal life, book signings etc – to maintain a balance between promotional and non-promotional content, strengthen the relationship with both existing and new followers, and generate strong engagement, as we recognised that personal posts from Ken were performing well.

Ken’s socials were monitored on a daily basis, sharing any mentions from other users and engaging with both followers and non-followers. We also monitored the news cycle for topical news stories mentioning The Great Wealth Transfer, inheritance taxes, Gen Z, and capitalism, which we shared on Ken’s social media channels, taking ownership of the content by adding our own comments. We created and managed three paid ad campaigns on Instagram to grow Ken’s following and expand his reach to new audiences, as well as a sponsored ad in Bookshop.org’s UK newsletter to increase awareness and drive sales.

We also set up and managed multiple podcast interviews with Ken (both UK & US), two of which we recorded with him at his home, which in turn created great content on social media. Weekly digital updates were sent to Ken and the Bloomsbury team, including analytics reports that tracked the performance of our social media content, and a weekly status report detailing the progress of each element of the campaign.


The Results

Ken’s Instagram following increased from 6,820 to 8,128 (+1,308 new followers) – an increase of +10.3% over the last 90 days of the campaign. Over a third (36.5%) of Ken followers are now within the 18-34 age range, with our content progressively reaching more of the Gen Z/Millennial demographic. Our content generated 265K impressions and reached 110K accounts on Instagram over the course of the campaign – there was continued growth in terms of reach and engagement, with +18% profile visits, +50% more external link taps, +34% content interactions, +48% Story interactions, +41% accounts engaged (non-followers i.e., new audiences) over the last 90 days of the campaign, compared to the previous 90-day period. Our content on X/Twitter generated 65K impressions, with an average engagement rate consistently above 2.5% (2.0% is a good average benchmark).

Ken’s UK publication day video (3,066 plays & 1,990 accounts reached) and #FinancialFriday reels on ‘silent quitting’ (2,914 plays & 2,001 accounts reached) and the ‘bank of mum and dad’ (2,841 plays & 1,813 accounts reached) were our top performing posts. Our newsletters had strong open rates, with the UK publication/launch event newsletter showing an open rate of 48.6%, 1,344 total opens, and 276 total clicks. Our three collaboration posts with Millennial Money UK on Instagram gained a combined total of 22,793 plays and 434 likes, with 12,827 accounts reached – 3,973 (a third) of these accounts were not already following Ken.

We also set up and managed 5 podcast interviews with Ken (both UK & US), with one podcast still to run. These podcasts have a total reach of over 800K (801,900) across social channels and newsletters.

These include:


We secured content from 13 UK & US influencers across social channels (TikTok, Instagram, X/Twitter, YouTube), and are awaiting posts from another 4 influencers total reach of just under 6M (5,986,500) across social channels.

These include:

Our first boosted post on Instagram generated a total of 39,906 impressions and reached 29,767 accounts over two weeks, with 967 profile visits and a cost per profile visit of $0.43, with a daily budget of $30. Our second boosted post generated a total of 37,774 impressions and reached 29,647 accounts over two weeks, with 1,041 profile visits and a cost per profile visit of $0.39, with a daily budget of $30. Our third boosted post generated a total of 34,362 impressions and reached 22,416 accounts over two weeks, with 826 profile visits and a cost per profile visit of $0.51, with a daily budget of $30. The average Instagram ad hovers at around $0.20 to $2.50 per click so the results are very positive.

Our Bookshop.org spotlight ad ran in the Smart Thinking gift guide here. The newsletter went out to an audience of 265,000, with an open rate of 36%, 10,000 clicks, and a click-through-rate of 0.7%.