Hologram by Miguel Cullen

The Brief

Midas was hired by Miguel Cullen to launch his new poetry video-book, Hologram, published on 15th February 2022. In addition to media relations, Midas worked closely with Miguel to develop and deliver a social media strategy to help raise his profile as an influential poet and video artist, focusing on Twitter and Instagram, and building momentum ahead of the launch of Hologram. With the help of his design team, Midas turned Miguel’s fantastic archive of content into engaging social media assets.

The Work

To inform our social media strategy, Midas delivered a full audit of Miguel’s Instagram and Twitter accounts, as well as analysing competitors to benchmark Miguel’s social media strategy against. We presented our strategy with Miguel to ensure we were aligned on the content and strategy ideas and agree on our social content plan.

Midas also provided briefing materials for Miguel’s in-house designer, Fede, to design social media assets – Hologram quote cards, animated GIFs, and video teaser assets – helping to build momentum ahead of the publication. Midas sent weekly social media content plans including schedules for posting, copy for captions, visual media prompts and targeted hashtags, as well as updates on how posts were performing on Twitter and Instagram.

The Results

During the campaign, Miguel earned 15.5K impressions, 7,309 profile visits, and 24 mentions on Twitter, with an average engagement rate of 2.2% (note 2% is considered a good engagement rate). Miguel saw a +108.2% increase in profile visits from the previous two months (November and December 2021), helping to drive awareness for his new book Hologram and build his profile.

On Instagram, Miguel reached 1,211 accounts (1,003 of these were not already following Miguel prior to the start of the campaign), with 685 content interactions and 215 accounts engaged (128 of these were non-followers prior to the start of the campaign). Overall, Miguel saw an increase of +336% in reach to non-followers compared to November and December 2021, with a +100% increase in accounts engaged that weren’t already following Miguel. There was also an uplift of +295% in content interactions during the campaign, as well as a +10.1% increase in total followers. This profile growth helped to build momentum ahead of publication, increasing both outreach and engagement for Miguel’s social content.