Promoting James Haskell and Omar Mezaine’s book Cooking for Fitness into an Amazon Top 5 bestseller.

James wanted a campaign that achieved blanket media coverage and drove sales of the book, as well as positioning James as a leading voice in nutritional health, and building Omar Meziane’ profile as the UK’s top performance chef.

The Work

James had previously published two books, but this was his first cookbook and first collaboration with England football team chef, Omar Meziane.

To make Cooking For Fitness stand out in the overly saturated cookbook market, we drew out unique and interesting components of Cooking For Fitness and positioned these as distinctive focal points for James and Omar to discuss in interviews.

We also used recipe extracts to provide original content for food and lifestyle media, and pitched Omar to outlets to add depth to the campaign. Although James’ pre-existing profile helped to attract instant media attention, we made sure that the messaging and conversations we used around him was specific to health and fitness, so that the attention remained on the book, rather than James’ celebrity.

The book was published around the same time as the Six Nations, and we used this as an effective news hook, to put Omar forward for interviews and comment on what international rugby players diet would involve.

Both James and Omar’s schedules were so busy, as they worked full time for sports teams. To combat this and we coordinated with the head of sport at the BBC to maximise opportunities on the days that James and Omar were available.

13 pieces of National coverage, including:
  • Daily Express Saturday
  • Daily Mail Weekend
  • Mail on Sunday
  • The Guardian Weekend
  • The Times
  • Sunday Mirror
26 pieces of national Broadcast, including:
  • BBC Breakfast
  • BBC Radio 2 Good Morning Sunday
  • BBC Radio 4 Saturday Live
  • BBC World News
  • Channel 4 The Big Tackle
  • Channel 5 Jeremy Vine Show
31 pieces of Magazine coverage including:
  • Bella
  • Happiful
  • Health & Fitness
  • Hello
  • National Geographic
  • OK
  • Outdoor Fitness
  • The People
  • The Week