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Going Dark

Going Dark is a fresh and enthralling thriller from YA powerhouse, Melissa de la Cruz, who is at the top of her game in this dark, gripping story of a young influencer who is anything but what she seems.

Told through a mixture of social media posts, diary entries, and first-hand accounts, Going Dark is a timely and eye-opening take on race, media and influencer culture that raises important questions surrounding the lack of concern over missing women of colour whilst stories of missing white women own the news cycle.

Eighteen-year-old budding travel influencer Amelia Ashley embarks on the trip of a lifetime with her handsome and charismatic boyfriend, Josh. But after two weeks abroad, Josh returns to San Diego … alone. Josh swears that Amelia left on her own. But when no one hears from Amelia for weeks, all signs point to Josh.

The spotlight on blonde, blue-eyed Amelia’s disappearance sheds light on another case – a girl who went missing two years ago, who never made headlines or had a trending hashtag.

Is Amelia truly gone? Or is capturing the world’s attention all part of the plan? #WhereisAmeliaAshley

With a highly compelling female vigilante protagonist who is willing to cross ambiguous moral lines to seek justice, Going Dark is gripping, suspenseful thriller about all the missing girls who fall off the radar, perfect for true crime fans and readers of One of Us is Lying by Karen M. McManus.


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Saved by the Bellini

Saved by the Bellini by John deBary is a funky and colourful cocktail book that celebrates and explores the most iconic moments of the 90s through 60-plus cocktail recipes, with a forward by Saved the Bell’s Tiffani Thiessen.

John deBary is a cocktail connoisseur with over a decade’s experience in New York City hospitality, kickstarting his career at the legendary NYC speakeasy PTD (Please Don’t Tell). Pairing his industry expertise with his absolute love for 90s nostalgia, John has crafted the perfect book for anyone looking to relive the most iconic moments of the 90s through delicious and creative cocktails.

Saved by the Bellini takes a deep look at some of the greatest pop culture moments of the 90s. You’ll be Saved by the Bellini; you’ll sip on your Furby-dden Fruit; you’ll throw back the Away Message; and you’ll wash it all down with the Waterfall Chaser. Be reminded of forgotten memories like the slap bracelet, Reebok pumps, and ‘Got Milk?’ ads.

Recipes are organised into chapters such as music, video games, technology, and television. Opening with sections on basic ingredients, essential tools, and “the 411” on drink-making, this book is an entry point into a world of fun, accessible, tasty drinks that run the gamut from an alcohol-free hot toddy to a boozy bubble gum punch.

With blast-from-the-past chapter titles, whimsical recipe names, funky illustrations by New York artist Clara Kirkpatrick, and headnotes that would make anyone LOL, Saved by the Bellini is the perfect gift to transport ’90s enthusiasts to that unforgettable time.


Saved by the Bellini was featured in Financial Times’ HTSI weekend magazine and covered on Instagram by thingsthativeread and lifebeginswithcocktails. DeBary also wrote a ‘cocktail of the week’ recipe that appeared in The Guardian.

The Rainbow Snail

The exciting debut from East London-based illustrator, Karin Åkesson, introduces a charming new character – The Rainbow Snail!

Blue like the raindrops. Green like the soft grass. Yellow like the warm sun. This is the story of how the rainbow snail came to be. It takes sun and rain to make a rainbow, and what better combination of colours could there be?

The delightful artwork and easy-to-read text pair perfectly, creating an entertainingly interactive book to teach colours to young readers of ages 0-3.

While toddlers follow a little shelled creature’s brave adventure learning the colours of the rainbow, the educational appeal will make this a popular picture book among librarians, educators, and parents.

Karin’s East-London based design company, Karin Åkesson Design, sells wall art and inspirational gifts for children. As well as online, she sells her beautiful products at Old Spitalfields Market on Saturdays and Sundays. Karin’s designs are inspired by her Swedish heritage and her two young children. The Rainbow Snail, amongst Karin’s other designs, hopes to empower, educate, and inspire, with the concept created in lockdown at a time when rainbows were everywhere as a symbol of hope and nature was an integral part of life.


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