Purposeful Curiosity: How asking the right questions will change your life

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In an age of constant distractions (with the proliferation of smartphones, the never-ending scroll and the relentless stream of notifications), PURPOSEFUL CURIOSITY cuts through the ‘noise’ of information overload and uses the productive power of curiosity to provide focus and meaning in our lives.

Curiosity—the urge to know, to see, or to experience—is what motivates information-seeking behaviour. This powerful drive has long been associated with positive emotions, lower levels of anxiety, strengthened relationships, achievement, and longevity.

Dr Costas Andriopoulos, Professor of Innovation and Entrepreneurship (City, University of London), spent five years interviewing the most curious minds working today, focused on people who have harnessed their inquisitive minds and innovative thinking to achieve success across a variety of fields. He has talked to Formula One engineers, opera singers, scientists working to grow food on Mars, artists, polar and space explorers, investors, Michelin-starred chefs and storm chasers. Andriopoulos weaves together gripping insights and advice from these interviews with cutting-edge research from psychology, neuroscience, management, history, sociology and anthropology to illuminate the purposefully curious approach. He demonstrates how purposeful curiosity can challenge the status quo and shows how we can all benefit from his new way of thinking.

Packed with practical tools alongside the fascinating narrative, the book offers a purposeful curiosity masterclass in nine lessons.  Andriopoulos, also the director of Avyssos Advisors, an innovation management consultancy, says: ‘‘This book has been a labour of love, based on years of research into how we can best channel our curiosity. I hope that by distilling key lessons from uber-curious individuals and sharing their insights, tips and stories, I will start a movement around the power of curiosity. I want to inspire readers to realise what they are truly capable of and go for it. Now!”


About the Author

Dr Costas Andriopoulos is Professor of Innovation and Entrepreneurship at Bayes Business School (City, University of London) and founder of The Bayes X Centre for Innovation and Disruption. He is also the Director of Avyssos Advisors Ltd., an innovation management consultancy.

Born in Athens, he was educated in Greece and the UK and prior to joining Bayes in 2014, he held posts at Cardiff, Strathclyde, Aberdeen and Brunel universities. He researched tech companies in Silicon Valley in the early dotcom years and was a visiting Professor at Said Business School (University of Oxford). He now lives in West London with his wife and daughter.



‘A great read for everyone from all walks of life – entrepreneurs and beyond’
– Sir Stelios Haji-Ioannou, Creator and owner of the Easy family of brands

‘In today’s fast-paced world of increasing distraction and clutter, asking the right questions at the right time will often be the difference between success and failure. Packed with captivating true stories, fresh research, and counter-intuitive insights, this endlessly fascinating book sheds new light on how to channel our curiosity to a chosen purpose. Costas’ well-informed work based on original lessons for reclaiming our curiosity in everything that we do, is more important than ever. Purposeful Curiosity will likely spark a new movement.’
– Muhtar Kent, Former Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of The Coca Cola Company

‘If you’re ready for your next adventure but don’t know where to start, I recommend you start with Purposeful Curiosity. What if? Why not? Says who? Purposeful Curiosity offers an actionable and accessible framework for turning questions into actions, helping readers to harness their curiosity, deepen their expertise and go further than they ever dreamed they could.’
– Sarah Wood, Digital entrepreneur

‘In Purposeful Curiosity, Costas challenges us to inquire with intention. Curiosity is a gift if we approach it that way: I’ve seen curiosity used to find common ground, heal past traumas and reconnect communities. It is often the overlooked ingredient that brings people closer together. If you’re looking for an avenue to engage your own curiosity in a more purposeful way, this is the book for you.’
– Whitney Clapper, Head of Community Relationships and Impact, Patagonia

‘This book nails the difference between idle curiosity and a productive drive to discover. Costas Andriopoulos is an expert on creativity and innovation, and it’s hard to imagine reading this book without catching some of his contagious thirst for learning.’
– Adam Grant, #1 New York Times bestselling author of Think Again and host of the TED podcast WorkLife


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