Down the Drain by Julia Fox

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The self-proclaimed ‘masterpiece’ that travels the turbulent path to cultural supremacy

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Non-Fiction | £20.00 | Hardback


Julia Fox: renowned actress, artist, fashion trailblazer, muse, and now literary talent, is ready to tell her story, her way.

Already viral for its creator’s high praise, the pop-culture phenomenon’s first book, Down the Drain, chronicles the shocking life and unyielding determination of one of this decade’s most intriguing stars.

Fox has become known for her mastery of many things; her breakout role in Uncut Gems; her jaw-dropping style; her transparent interview and social media style; her defiant advocacy for breaking down societal norms – but above all, her commitment to being unapologetically herself.

In her long-awaited memoir, Fox holds nothing back – detailing her parent’s volatile relationship; a possessive and abusive drug-dealing boyfriend; her work as a dominatrix and subsequent sugar daddy; her trips to jail and a psychiatric hospital; a heroin stint that saw her best friend fatally overdose; and an explosive whirlwind romance with a mysterious figure she dubs “The Artist” that catapulted her into the world of tabloid mayhem.

Despite this tornado of extraordinariness, Fox’s story is steeped in universality and relatability. The memoir dives deep into the journey of girlhood to womanhood to motherhood and shows the star through a lens that many in the industry would shy from; in all the raw, explosive honesty we’ve come to expect of this trailblazing icon.

Down The Drain is an unapologetically Julia Fox moment in cultural history, that not only lays bare the star’s life lessons but reads as a guide on breaking free from limitations and celebrating the power of unique identity.


About Julia Fox

Julia Fox is a multidisciplinary artist. She’s had a fashion label, published art books, and held numerous exhibitions in New York and Los Angeles. She inspired the character in her break-out role in the Safdie Brothers’ Uncut Gems and has acted in numerous films since. She’s a fashion darling and muse and continues to inspire designers with her bold looks. She’s a strong advocate for sustainability and a do-it-yourself attitude. She is a single mum and currently lives in New York City with her son Valentino.


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