Bookshop.org launches new charitable initiative ‘Read It Forward’ with BookTrust

Bookshop.org is today launching the charitable initiative Read It Forward, in partnership with BookTrust, where 10% of every sale of a children’s book made in February will be donated to the charity, while also supporting independent bookshops as per the platform’s ongoing mission.

Launching on the first day of the month, just in time for half-term, and lasting until the end of February, Read It Forward encourages all parents, teachers, guardians and educators to consider purchasing books from Bookshop.org, with a portion of the profit of each kids’ book donated to the UK’s largest children’s reading charity.

The aim of the initiative is to inspire a love of reading in the next generation, with the money raised by the Bookshop.org drive going towards BookTrust’s work of getting children reading – especially those from low-income families or vulnerable backgrounds.

Each year BookTrust reaches millions of children with books, resources and support for families to get every child reading regularly and by choice. A research-led charity, their specially designed programmes and products help children from all backgrounds experience the many benefits of shared reading. In addition, every sale on Bookshop.org supports independent bookshops across the UK, giving them an additional stream of income and keeping them thriving.

Lizzie Catford, Director of Children’s Books at BookTrust, said: “We’re thrilled to partner with Bookshop.org on the Read it Forward initiative, a wonderful opportunity for readers to make a meaningful impact. This collaboration not only supports independent bookshops, vital pillars of our literary community, but also contributes directly to our mission of fostering a love of reading among children, particularly those facing challenges. At BookTrust, we believe in the transformative power of shared reading, and the funds raised through this initiative will support our vital work across England, Wales and Northern Ireland. This wonderful partnership emphasises the collective strength of readers, booksellers, and charities in building a brighter reading future for all children.” 

Sarah Halgarth, Manager of independent bookshop Bookmark Spalding, said: “At Bookmark we recognise the importance of early reading, and how children get into reading habits early. We’re excited to be part of Read It Forward, and will be sharing some of our favourite books to readers in February.”

Nicole Vanderbilt, Managing Director of Bookshop.org UK, said: “This February, you can feel even better about buying books online. We are incredibly excited to launch a charitable book drive with BookTrust, marking our first collaboration with them. This month, we are giving parents and educators one more reason to buy books from Bookshop.org. In addition to supporting independent booksellers across the UK, this month we will be donating 10% of each children’s book sale to BookTrust, contributing to their mission to develop a love of reading.”

Find out more about Read It Forward’ here, and follow the latest developments on social media.