Top Xmas Ads of 2021 #12daysofMidas

There’s nothing like Christmas adverts to get everyone in the festive spirit, so we thought we’d share some of our 2021 favourites…


M&S Food brings its iconic Percy Pig to life

Tom Holland is a pleasant surprise as the voice of Percy Pig with an equally playful cameo from Dawn French as the Christmas fairy that brings him to life!

Together, the two are shown scuttling around the store, discovering all the food M&S has to offer this Christmas – from the Collection Golden Blond Christmas Pudding to Delicate Smoked Salmon.

Marking almost 30 years since the character’s first appearance, this advert is bound to bring a nostalgic joy to families that have grown up munching on the chewy sweets.

Check out the full advert here


Aldi’s ‘A Christmas Carrot’

Our favourite Christmas ads are always the ones that are just a little bit of fun but truly embrace the Christmas spirit. For example, the Aldi ads, as they are silly but full of Christmas joy.

This year’s ad is about a banana called Ebanana and tells the story of A Christmas Carol told through vegetables, and we just love it! It’s silly and you can just imagine kids sitting around the TV watching it and laughing, but also loving the story.

Check out the full advert here


Posten’s ‘When Harry met Santa’

Norway’s state-owned postal service Posten’s Christmas advert has gone viral worldwide, and for good reason! It’s an emotional, beautifully crafted short film that sees Santa and ‘Harry’ build up a bond over several years. However, the pair are restricted to fleeting encounters due to Santa’s packed schedule, until he enlists Posten to ease his workload so the two can spend more time together, before sharing a kiss in the final scene.

Titled When Harry met Santa – a nod to the 1989 rom-com When Harry met Sally – it was made to mark the 50th anniversary since homosexuality was decriminalised in Norway, and we think it’s brilliant!

Check out the full advert here


John Lewis’ ‘Unexpected Guest’

John Lewis continues to tug at the heartstrings this year with a story about an unlikely friendship. Following on from last year’s focus on kindness and giving to charity, for 2021, John Lewis’ ad sees a human boy teaching the joy of Christmas to a young alien called Skye whose ship has crashed on Earth.

Set to a soft piano cover of the 80s’ classic ‘Together in Electric Dreams’ by 20-year-old singer Lola Young, it seems to show none of the retailer’s products – something which has attracted some negative press – but, then again, does John Lewis need to remind us what it sells? We’ll let you decide!

Check out the full advert here