This week at Midas: 8th-12th April

Our round-up of Midas announcements from the week:


Quick Reads 2024 Publication Day

Midas is incredibly excited to be a part of and celebrate the launch of The Reading Agency Quick Reads 2024.

Designed to inspire less confident readers, #QuickReads offers short books and great stories by bestselling authors, aiming to engage the one in three adults who don’t regularly read for pleasure, as well as the one in six adults who find reading difficult.

This year’s titles, featuring a blend of original and specially abridged works, are championed by authors Kia Abdullah, Malorie Blackman, Matt Cain, Kit de Waal, Jo Nesbo, and Karen Swan. Now available today!

You can now get a copy for only £1 at bookshops or for free at your local library!

Find out more by searching ‘Quick Reads 2024’ or go to
Quick Reads 2024 | The Reading Agency



The Muse Gallery

Midas are thrilled to start work with The Muse Gallery this month. The gallery was established by artists, to support emerging contemporaries by combining creative and commercial concepts under one roof.  Since established in 2003, The Muse Gallery has continued to offer graduates and visiting artists improved conditions for arts practice and the exhibition of work and will endeavour to continue with ‘artists for artists’ at the heart of its organisation.

Oliver Dorrell – Walking After Bruegel: Paintings from Mountain Huts (pictured) will be exhibited at The Muse Gallery on Portobello Road from Thursday April 25th.



The Rise of English by Rosemary Salomone

Winner of the 2023 Pavese Prize in Non-Fiction, The Rise of English (published 16 May 2024, OUP) is a deeply researched book by Rosemary Salomone exploring the geopolitics of English and its heavy status as today’s lingua franca. Rosemary Salomone is the current Kenneth Wang Professor of Law at St John’s University (USA), lecturing internationally and publishing extensively on education law and policy, comparative equality and language rights. Rosemary has most recently written about The Rise of English for TIME here, and you can see her speaking about the book in person at Alliance Française Cambridge in April and Stratford Literary Festival in May. Find out more about The Rise of English and Rosemary here.



The Garnett Girls Paperback Publication

This week marks the joyous paperback release of our very own Georgina Moore’s debut novel, The Garnett Girls! Discover it in indie bookshops, Waterstones, supermarkets, and even on posters!

Available to purchase here.



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