Midas Meets… Gabriella Drinkald

Every month, we’re sitting down with the different members of our brilliant team to understand what drives the bold and cutting-edge work we do and find out a bit more about the person behind the work.

After a short stint as an intern at Midas back in 2018, Gabriella Drinkald officially joined us again in 2020 and has since worked her way up to an Account Manager. 

Gaby brings her previous experience working with an impressive catalog of theatre clients at Kate Morley PR, including productions that appeared at Edinburgh Festival Fringe.

At Midas, she works on a range of clients including Audible, Cheltenham Literature Festival, Waterstones Children’s Laureate – her campaign for the latter earned her a PPC Annual Award nomination for Best Generic Campaign – as well as leading publicity campaigns for a number of our exciting authors, such as Andrea Mclean and Laura Galloway.

Here is what she has to say…


Something I won’t shut up about is…

The Pret coffee subscription… being a busy bee/a long lost descendant of Lorelai Gilmore, caffeine is my fuel and with Pret’s subscription you get five a day every day for only £25 a month… for a publicist in London it’s a no brainer (and you get smoothies and iced coffees included too… bring on summer) P.S. Pret, if you’re looking for some PR representation, I’m your gal!


Best thing about my job is…

It sounds cliche, but it has to be the people! From my amazing colleagues, who are the biggest cheerleaders around, to the journalists and our clients… I’ve been so lucky to work with some of the best in biz and there’s always opportunities to network and make new friends. I love that we get to meet people from all walks of life and share their stories.


I got to where I am today by…

Hard work – ‘it seems like nobody wants to work these days…’ – just kidding! I won’t continue with the Kim Kardashian monologue.  

But seriously, hard work, passion and creativity is integral for a job in our industry. With the arts pages constantly being cut and budgets getting tighter, I’ve learnt you have to be determined, resilient and have the ability to think outside the box to make sure you’re heard. I’m a big believer that if you love what you do that will shine through in your work.


In my spare time, I like to…

SKATE! I love ice skating; it was something I decided to do post-pandemic as I wanted a fun new hobby, and I became a bit obsessed with Tessa Virtue and Scott Moir’s Moulin Rouge Olympic routine. I try to go every week and I’ve got my own skates. While I can’t say I’ve nailed the quad axel yet, practice makes perfect… right now I’m more like Bambi on ice.


One thing I wish I knew at the start of my career is…

You can’t please everyone. I think if you know you’re trying your best and doing everything you can to make a brilliant campaign sometimes that has to be enough. Everyone will have different expectations of you and what they want from a campaign, if you know you’ve done everything you can to match them and understand/manage the clients’ expectations then sometimes you just need to accept that and move forward. Don’t let someone’s perception of you knock your confidence or make you feel less than. 


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