Midas Meets… Ann Amarawansa

Each month, we’re sitting down with different members of our brilliant team to understand what drives the bold and cutting-edge work we do and find out a bit more about the person behind the work.


Say hello to our new Digital Account Manager, Ann Amarawansa, who joined Midas’ digital team in September 2021. Ann’s background in communications and content management for leading brands and disruptive start-ups means she’s versatile and creative, with an eye for creating engaging social content and strategies.


Here’s what she had to say.


Something I won’t shut up about is… 


Kpop (South Korean Pop music). It’s been an obsession of mine since highschool, and I’ve even had a short stint in journalism where I contributed to an online magazine dedicated to South-Korean pop culture. If you ever need any recommendations, I’m your girl. 


Best thing about my job is… 

Working in a creative environment alongside like-minded people, on projects that I have a genuine interest in and passion for, and where I feel I can truly excel. 


I got to where I am today by… 


Participating in the Taylor Bennett Foundation training programme. The programme is working to help people from BAME backgrounds get a foot through the door of the public relations and communications industry – one that is predominantly white and middle class. Without the programme, I wouldn’t even know what PR was and that it was a viable option for me. It also helped me realise that PR can lead to multiple possible career paths, and ultimately helped me discover my love for digital content marketing. I was able to use the skills and knowledge from my PR background, such as consultancy and strategy,  and apply it to creating effective and engaging social media and digital content for clients. 


In my spare time, I like to… 


Watch films. I studied film and television at University and it still remains a huge passion of mine. I’m interested in anything character-driven and can talk about directors like Guilmero Del Toro and Park Chan-Wook for hours. 


One thing I wish I knew at the start of my career is… 


Everyone has different career timelines. If someone gets to a position faster or slower, it’s not relative to you and doesn’t mean they’re any better or worse than you. While it’s good to look up to your peers, comparing yourself to others won’t help you get to where you want to any faster. Know that you’ll get there when you need to. 


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