Christmas ad campaigns we loved

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‘Tis the season of iconic Christmas adverts, spreading holiday cheer and tugging at our heart strings yet again. Indulging in this beloved tradition, we’ve compiled some of our favourite adverts that especially sleighed.


Shaun the Sheep x Barbour

Barbour celebrates the holidays this year in Mossy Bottom, home to the instantly recognizable Shaun the Sheep, Bitzer the Sheep Dog, the Farmer, and rest of the familiar gang.

Shaun and his pals take notice of the Farmer’s distressed and dishevelled coat and so, they decide to fix it up themselves as a Christmas gift. Though, after collecting and patching up any spare fabrics they could find, making paste out of candlewax, and nearly starting a fire (in classic Shaun the Sheep fashion), they soon realize making this coat requires all hands-on-deck and slightly more expertise than they’ve got to offer.

The gang gifts the coat to the Farmer, but it rips apart within seconds! Therefore, for quality clothes that last or, “to extend the life of your garment,” it might be best to go Barbour.

But hey, it’s the thought that counts.

Check out the full advert here.


A Magical Christmas with Lidl

A lonely racoon longing for the warm company and festivities of one particular family reminds us that the smallest acts of kindness can be enough to make a meaningful impact.

The racoon observes the family from afar as they decorate their Christmas tree, until he sees the little boy crushed as the family dog accidentally breaks his favourite ornament.

In an effort to cheer her son up, his mother goes to Lidl and buys him a stuffed animal monkey, but the racoon sees it fall out of her bag. The racoon goes on a long journey across the city to get the stuffed animal home in time for Christmas—which he does, putting a smile back on the little boy’s face.

After this act of kindness, the raccoon returns outside, though this time, he is joined by the family dog and the two share a Christmas meal together.

Check out the full advert here


Morrison’s Christmas Ad

Morrison’s ad this year recognizes the heroes of the holidays who cook all the anticipated Christmas meals we love.

Viewers watch different people cooking yummy holiday meals such as fried chicken, sweet potatoes, and chocolate cakes, while being serenaded by a chorus of colourful oven mitts singing the 1980s hit, “Nothing’s Gonna Stop Us Now” by Starship.

This is a short, sweet, and silly advert that gets us all excited and very hungry for our upcoming holiday dinners!

Check out the full advert here

Boots, #GiveJoy

“Mum, who gives presents to Santa?”, asks the little girl at the start of the Boots 2023 Christmas advert. The joy of the holidays is felt the most when it is shared.

A little girl and her Mum set off on a journey to the North Pole with a big bag of Boots goodies. Along the way, they gift items to hardworking members of our community: a facial serum to a construction worker, a mascara to a train station security guard, a perfume to a fisherwoman, a hair curler to the helicopter pilot, soaps to the sled driver, and finally, travel flesh flight socks for Santa.

This ad is a sweet reminder of the importance of showing our gratitude—the small gestures that make the members of our community feel seen and appreciated; that is the true spirt of the gift-giving season.

Check out the full advert here

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