Campaign we loved in May: Uber Eats launches ‘Quantum Café’ in collaboration with Disney +

miniature food

We’re continuing our monthly blog series of campaigns that we loved at Midas.

In May, Uber Eats teamed up with Disney + to celebrate the release of Marvel’s Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania. The food delivery company installed several miniature cafes in London, Bristol, and Manchester and introduced a tiny tasting menu inspired by the film.

The tasting menu was designed with the aim of allowing Ant-Man fans to eat like their favourite film heroes. A variety of dishes in miniature are available through the Quantum Café menu, including ‘petite pizza’, ‘fun-sized fish and chips’, ‘eensy-weensy dal’ and ‘miniature sushi.’ According to regional manager of Uber Eats for the UK and northern Europe Matthew Price, the small size of the dishes does not come at the expense of big flavours.

To direct more attention to Uber Eat’s Ant-Man tasting offer, they installed miniature cafés around London, Bristol, and Manchester: the three cities where the tasting menu is available. These pop-up art installations are comprised of a fully decked out-diner, complete with pint-sized tables, chairs, cutlery, flowerpots, benches, and even tiny copies of the fictional Scott Lang’s book.

While no food can be served at the miniature Quantum Cafes, hungry customers are not to worry, as the installations redirect them to UberEats and its limited time tasting menu. Several TikTokers visited and posted about the tiny cafes to generate buzz around the new, limited time tasting menu. OllieEats on TikTok said, ‘The dishes might be mini, but they pack some serious flavour. This quantum café mini menu is taking you around the world one dish at a time’.

By collaborating with Marvel and Disney +, Uber Eats positions their tasting menu as the perfect accompaniment to any film night. The hope is that people can enjoy the marvellous world of superheroes while simultaneously enjoying classic snacks reimagined. Furthermore, Included in the Ant-man menu for 10 lucky customers was a signed Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania poster, with signatures from Michael Douglas and Evangeline Lilley.

All proceeds from the campaign go to the Make-A-Wish Foundation, which helps to give terminally ill children once-in-a-lifetime opportunities.