Campaign we loved in August: Glutton by Ed Gamble

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We’re continuing our monthly blog series of campaigns that we loved outside of Midas. For August, we’re spotlighting the campaign for Ed gamble’s his upcoming memoir, Glutton: The Multi-Course Life of a Very Greedy Boy (published by Transworld).

With his infectious humour and sharp wit, award winning comedian Ed Gamble has carved out a prominent place for himself in the world of comedy and has become a household name. As of April 2023, his podcast Off Menu, co-hosted by his friend and fellow comedian James Acaster, has been downloaded over 120 million times, turning him into a culinary connoisseur of sorts.



While you might know Ed from his stand-up routines, Mock the Week, various British chat shows, as a judge on Great British Menu or as the charismatic host of his hit podcast, what you may not know is that behind the laughter lies a deep, personal connection to food that has shaped his life in ways you wouldn’t expect. In his upcoming memoir, Glutton: The Multi-Course Life of a Very Greedy Boy, Gamble peels back the layers of his life, revealing a unique and heartfelt story told through the lens of his own relationship with food. From struggling with obesity as a child to navigating the challenges of diabetes while harbouring a sweet tooth, Gamble’s journey with food has been nothing short of remarkable.

Link to Ed’s Instagram post:


Through humour, heartache, and a healthy dose of culinary tales, on 25th August 2023, Gamble rattled through the streets of London in an ice cream van, handing out proofs of his book and dollops of ice creams to friends or ‘people who wanted a free ice cream and didn’t know who I was’, whilst sharing his life story, one mouth-watering memory at a time.



Speaking to The Independent from outside his revamped retro van embroidered with a bright yellow and pink doughnut, separating the bright pink and white words ‘Glutton’ and ‘Ed Gamble’, Gamble says ‘Ice cream to me feels like holidays…especially ice cream like [the van he’s serving from], with proper 99 flakes’. He then goes on to recall his childhood holidays of ‘going to Italy… and just guzzling huge tubs of gelato’ referring to a picture in the book of him ‘as a baby sat on the beach, absolute classic, with just ice cream in my mouth, all down me’, confessing that ‘for a fact I probably tried to like scoop that [dribbled ice cream] off my babygrow and eat it.’


Link to Ed’s creative social media announcement of Glutton.


Garnished with anecdotes and seasoned with humour, as exemplified by his ice cream van promotional material, which Gamble captions as a ‘genuine dream come true’, Glutton promises to be all about self-discovery and the power of food to shape our lives, a memoir which will leave readers both hungry for more and laughing out loud. Catch Ed Gamble at the Southbank Centre as part of the London Literature Festival on Thursday 26th October as he celebrates his eagerly awaited memoir.